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All praise is for Allah (Subhana wa Ta’ala) and may His peace and blessings be on the Final Messenger Mohammad (Peace be upon him), his family and those who follow him in goodness until the Day of Judgement.

Supplication (Du'a) is truly the essence of sincere worship. It connects us with our Creator, and it is a practical expression of our persisting need for Almighty Allah (SWT) in all our affairs.

Allah (SWT) has created us for worshipping Him only. It is He that sustains us, provides us for all our needs in abundance, guides us to a way that is straight, shows us light in the darkest hour, is closer to us than our very own soul is. He it is that gave us life, will cause us to die and will raise us again in the day of resurrection. His mercy encompasses the whole creation, from the atom to the biggest galaxy. He is the most merciful of those who show mercy. He does not need any of His creation rather the whole creation needs Him. Praise belongs to Allah (SWT), for had He withheld from us the knowledge to praise Him for His uninterrupted kindnesses, we would have moved about in His kindnesses without praising Him and would be ones that are lost in darkness.

This site is a collection of supplications (Du’a), supplications for praising Allah (SWT) for all His bounty, asking forgiveness for our sins, beseeching His help in our lives. These supplications can be made anytime, anywhere with piety and fear of Allah in our soul, to please Him and ask for His directions, without which we are certainly destined to a way that is not straight.

These supplications have been collected from the translation of the Holy Quran, Hadith and various internet web sites. I have tried to make it as flawless as possible. But given that I am a mere human being, unintentional mistakes might pop up while you browse through the site. I would appreciate if you kindly let me know of mistakes or typos in this site.

May Allah accept my endeavor and guide all of us in His mercy to a way of those who are guided aright. Ameen.


This site is dedicated to my Father and my Mother, who brought me up enduring extraordinary hardship and patience, by the will of Allah (Subhana wa Ta’ala). May Allah (SWT) bless them with mercy now and in the hereafter.